Custom Dedicated Server Racks

Take a look at the rack on the right. Isn’t it a thing of beauty? Quite simply, there are no stronger, better designed, better built dedicated server racks in the world. Period.

We know what you’re thinking: why not just buy racks off the shelf like everyone else?   I mean, they may not be as good, but they would cost a lot less, and they’d be good enough, right?    Well, “good enough” isn’t what is all about.    Here are some of the reasons we spend five times what an off-the-shelf rack costs to have ours custom built.

Disaster Proofing

There are a lot of reasons to use a dedicated server company. Security, uptime, bandwidth, monitoring…all of these are good reasons, but another reason that often gets overlooked is also critical: surviving disasters. If an earthquake, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, flood or even a terrorist attack occurs, you’re counting on your server company to have done everything reasonably possible to make sure that your online business is unaffected. That’s exactly why we spend the extra money to have our racks custom made. Our racks are designed and built to survive disasters of all kinds. No matter what gets thrown at them, if any racks in the world could survive it, these ones will.

Super Strong 100% Steel Construction

You may never have given this a thought, but most server racks are made of thin aluminum sheeting. We’ve even seen several racks that are made of tin. Either way, if disaster ever strikes, they’ll crumble like week-old cake. We’re just not willing to accept that for our dedicated servers. We use welded 2″ square steel tubing for our posts, and super-strong heavy-gauge lateral rails. You could drop a truck on these racks without denting them.


Every single rack gets bolted directly into the concrete it sits on. Not into the thin cement layer on top, but into the solid concrete below. No matter what hits them, these racks aren’t going anywhere.


We’re computer people and we respect technology. Still, no matter how advanced we get, there’s absolutely nothing that beats a good man who takes pride in his work. That’s exactly what we have in Juan Moore, the craftsman who builds our racks by hand. That’s right, by hand. He worked with our engineers, looking at every aspect of the deployment from our design goals to the physical space we had available, and came up with a prototype design that met our needs perfectly. Then, when prototyping was done and everyone was finally satisfied, he built every single one of our racks from the ground up. His personal pride stands behind every weld. There is just no better way in the world to do it right.