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Products and Pricing

At, you can expect frank, no nonsense pricing with no surprises after you order.  We tell you exactly what our prices are, exactly what you will be charged, and exactly when you will be charged.  There’s no guessing.  You’ll always know where you stand with, and you may be surprised just how much you can get for your money.

Here are some things you should know.

  • Our pricing is in US or Canadian dollars, at par.  We do not offer pricing in other currencies at this time.  We are  a very world-friendly company, and we have clients from all over the world, but we only support these two currencies at this time.
  • If you’ve rented monthly, your credit card will be charged upon ordering for first and last month’s rent.  For example, if your monthly payment is $79, your first charge will be $158.  The last month is held in reserve against late payments or other problems.  Should you cancel your server, your term will be extended to include this last month’s rent.  All subsequent charges will be for the monthly payment amount only ($79 in the example above).
  • Reinstalls of the operating system are free, but all data is lost. You should back up your data before requesting a reinstall.
  • Your server comes with 2 IPs.  Each IP beyond these two costs $2/month, and there is a maximum of 32 IPs per server.
  • You may upgrade at any time to a new server.  This should be done at the end of a billing cycle, as we don’t offer pro-rated refunds if you cancel early.
  • We don’t offer free trials, discounts or deals.  Shop around.  We are confident you will not find a better value anywhere.

The sales department can be reached 24/7/365 at  You may also phone us at 800-620-1985 ext 1, but please note that email is strongly preferred and gets priority treatment over phone calls.