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Cloud Servers Cloud Servers are virtualized on a Xenserver platform using our super-powerful dedicated servers.   These ultra-fast virtuals run any OS as fast as most of our competitors’ dedicated servers, while maintaining all the portability and cost efficiency of a virtual server. Most importantly, they include unmetered bandwidth for real world usability, unlike our competitors who charge for every byte of bandwidth that is served.    Remember, at eSecureData, if you have a sudden flurry of activity, you won’t get a surprise bill for a thousand or more dollars.  Even our least expensive Cloud Server is totally capable of running several websites quickly and efficiently, and without any surprises when the bill is due.

Cloud C1 Enterprise
Cloud C1 Standard
Cloud C1 Junior
OS CentOS, latest stable build, or the Linux of your choice.
Control Panel Webmin Webmin Webmin
Processor Intel Quad Xeon Intel Quad Xeon Intel Quad Xeon
RAM Allocation 2 GB 1 GB 512 MB
Hard Drive Space 100 GB 50 GB 25 GB
Bandwidth Unmetered 10mb/s Unmetered 10mb/s Unmetered 10mb/s
IPs 2 ($2/month for each IP beyond the first 2) 2 ($2/month for each IP beyond the first 2) 2 ($2/month for each IP beyond the first 2)
Remote Access Root (SSH) Root (SSH) Root (SSH)
Smartphone Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Automated Monitoring System Yes Yes Yes
24/7/365 Support Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Reboots Yes Yes Yes
Included Software A default installation of CentOS is included.   Any software beyond whatever is installed by default during initial setup must be installed remotely by the client.
Limits on Software You Install None None None
Pricing: Monthly: $49 $0 setup

Monthly: $29 $0 setup

Monthly: $19 $0 setup

Terms: $USD or $CAD Rental, no contract term, cancel anytime, first and last month due on order, no refunds. Renting a server constitutes agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.