Premium KVM/IP Dedicated Servers

Premium Servers Overview

What is a Premium Server?

eSecureData Premium Dedicated Servers are top quality servers with built-in KVM/IP, remote reboot and other high-end features. These ultra-fast servers include unmetered gigabit¬†connections and data center HDs and SSDs. Premium Dedicated Servers are appropriate for high-demand websites and web applications where performance and reliability are everything and second best won’t do.

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Server Standard Features

Standard Features
Bandwidth Unmetered 500mb, Burst 1gb
OS You choose. We don’t tell you what OS to use.
Other Smartphone Control Panel, 24/7 Monitoring & Support.

Server HD Options

Hard Drive Options
Additional HDs 3TB ($35/mo)
120GB DC SSD ($35/mo)
RAID Software RAID is free
Intel Hybrid RAID ($50/mo)
LSI RAID (call for quote)

Server IPs

IPv6 Full IPv6 subnet included.
IPv4 2 IPs included. Additional IPs $2/month each. Max 64 IPs.

Server Terms

Currency USD or CAD
Contract No minimum term. You may cancel at any time.
Terms of Use All rentals are bound by our Terms of Use.

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