Dedicated Servers Support prides itself on fast, efficient, always-available, on-site technical support.  We don’t outsource support to other countries, and we don’t house our support staff in different buildings from our dedicated servers and cloud servers.  Our support staff is always available, 24/7/365, in the same facility that the servers are in.   The people you deal with can walk over and physically examine your server in seconds if needed.

We provide our clients both the support and the online tools they need to fully manage their dedicated servers and cloud servers from any web browser or even any smart phone.    Our industry-leading system allows you to enter reboot tickets, KVM/IP tickets, RDNS tickets or any other kind of support ticket you may need.  It also allows you to monitor bandwidth in realtime to see if any connectivity issues are at the server end or at the client end.   To complement these industry-leading tools, we provide 24/7 support staff on-site who are always available to assist.  Don’t be fooled by our low prices.   Our 24/7/365 on-site dedicated server support department is second to none.

If your technical needs extend beyond conventional support, we maintain a directory of professionals familiar with servers. Please note these consultants do not work for and we are not responsible for them in any way.   Clients may contact us at any time for our current list of active consultants.

Here are some examples of the things we do support on Dedicated Servers.

  • Reboots (for Budget and Value Servers only – Premium servers have built-in remote reboot)
  • Short-term KVM/IP (for Budget and Value Servers only – Premium servers have built-in KVM/IP)
  • Reinstall OS
  • Reverse DNS entries
  • Outbound recursive DNS
  • Hardware Failures

Here are some examples of the things we do not support.

  • Install custom hardware you send us
  • Authoritative DNS for your domain (your server can do this)
  • Debug software issues, including OS issues

The dedicated server support department can be reached 24/7/365 at You may also phone us at 800-620-1985 ext 4, but please note that email is strongly preferred and gets priority treatment over phone calls.