Lamp on centos

Installing LAMP on Centos

Centos is one of the most common Linux OS.


I will be showing you how to install Apache, MySQL ,PHPMyAdmin and PHP.

Apache is the a software that responses to enquirys and replies. This means this is the script that displays your website.


To install Apache:

yum install httpd httpd-devel

If at the end of the installation the apache is not running you may need to manually start it.

/etc/init.d/httpd start

MySQL is a dynamic data stored in a table format. each table, column and rows can be called to display or store information.


To install MySQL Database Server.

yum install mysql mysql-server mysql-devel


This will install MySQL and the Username and password will be on the lines of the default.


To set the password to a new installed MySQL:

mysqladmin -u root password NEWPASSWORD


Install PHP MyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a web control panel that allows you to manage your SQL databases and users.

yum install phpmyadmin




Note: pay close attention to the installation process due to a error can easily make this installation very complicated. When it requests username and password these are are the details of the root MySQL which you set earlier.

Installing PHP:

This command installs everything you need for PHP:

yum install php php-mysql php-common php-gd php-mbstring php-mcrypt php-devel php-xml


This completes the entire installation of what is computationally stated to be LAMP.


Your web server is now ready and running.